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June 15, 2012

My Life

They make everyday a life’s celebration!

I just wanted to be back on this shape 🙂

I was never a fan of traditional birth giving. It scares the wits out of me with the thought of one little thing popping down there. And that the elasticity will change because of it. Yes, that’s the main reason. Oh well, it was, what, some seven years ago. Then I met the better half, we haven’t marry but we sure are happy. We’ve been living together for over seven years now. And we had our first baby in 2006. During pregnancy, I joined a support group for would-be mothers. I have learned during sessions that most of these moms want to deliver via normal birth. They say it is only when you’ve gone thru this pain is when you learn motherhood. So was I convinced. I have totally embraced the idea of normal birthing until our firstborn’s natal day. By the way, I made sure that I took care of my skin on the nine month run. But I still had few stretchmarks here and there, very minimal I believe. On the break of typhoon Melenio, that little thing in my womb signaled readiness to see the world. It was an 8 hour labor to no luck, I ended with an emergency C-section. My tummy split across. Recovery was fast, yes. But the split of the flesh, that vertical line, was very difficult to put back to that used to be flat tummy. Although I was not challenged with weight then, the ability of the tummy to be back to its original shape became impossible! I also breastfed, not for long but enough to change the firmness and shape of the mammary. Then baby two was born in 2008; and youngest child born an angel in 2010. Both kids were breast fed. But the worst of weight gaining occurred on the last delivery. You see, I don’t have a baby to feed but I was eating for two. No actually, I was eating for the whole family. I was so depressed, and became a stress eater. I was just eating a lot and did not realize the repercussion. I only realized how my dress sized increased when I was fitting clothes when going back to work was nearing. And none fits as it used too. All of my clothes, they were two sizes down against me. So I thought I’d go on a diet. My first attempt was the lemon, honey and cayenne pepper dissolved in H2O (whatever you call that mixture was). It had to be taken for seven straight days. But I gave up mid-week. Then I tried all other antics. Trust me, all I read in the net and on magazine articles, I tried. Success rate : 60%. I was still left with flabby arms, saggy boobs and a foldable tummy. In the last two years, I have been hiding them with a black dress, or a sleeved top. And my closet is dominated by a specific shade : black. That’s how worst by body has become. The sides of the breast, where extra fat has sat in as after effect of expanded boob during and after pregnancy, cannot be tucked by wearing an ordinary brassiere. Surgeries are not even on my list, it is on my mind but I definitely cannot afford it. Not with kids going to school now. I can only rely on roomy, tinted clothes to hide these flabs. Then last week, as I was on the internet, as I check for a new article on my favorite blog Topaz Horizon I came across a very interesting writing challenge, blogging challenge I mean. Then I had a self thought of starting a blog which I have had interest with since last year but had no time to begin so because of kids and work. So I thought I’d like to join in. Imagine other than being able to write, I would have the chance for an audience to gauge how good a blogger I can become. Not to mention the opportunity of getting help from pros to improve my physical appearance by wearing right underneath. And oh, that loads of shopping spree is a total dream come true! I have been a fan of Wacoal and have tried a few undies since I was 18. I know how durable the materials are, and I can tell you that I have an outgrown brassiere from when I was 19. I have kept it all those years because I was still using it until 5 years back though the garter elastic I must say went down to about 70% from the original form. But it was a souvenir, to remind me that I was once a size small before becoming large.


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  1. Greetings from Wacoal!

    We would like to offer you to do a review of our brand. In line with this, we will be giving you P3,000 worth of Wacoal merchandise.

    You may claim your items at our head office (3F 6788 Ayala Ave. Makati City). Just bring this email and a valid ID. Also, please don’t forget to call 8925706 to inform us when you are dropping by. And in case you are not based in Manila, please let us know so we can make arrangements.


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